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Hornet Extermination

If you've encountered wasps or hornets near your home you know what pests they can be. Having a hornet or wasp nest on your property is like living with a constant threat, as these insects deliver painful stings and are extremely aggressive. Certain varieties of wasp are also scavengers and feed off of many of the same foods that humans eat, thus they can ruin a backyard barbeque or picnic in their search for your food.

If you've seen an inordinate number of hornets or wasps on your property or discovered a nest, don't wait, call the experts at QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services.

QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services is a full service exterminator that specializes in wasp control, trapping and removal. We'll find the hornet and wasp's nests and safely remove them from your house or yard. Once that's done the wasps or hornets won't return.

We are Tarrytown, NY's premiere hornet and wasp trapping service and when possible we'll simply relocate hornets and wasps without harming them.

If hornets and wasps are menacing your property call the removal experts at QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services and we'll help immediately!


Emergency Bat Removal

Emergency Bat Removal from inside a home in Rye, NY